Why the Bayern Munchen will Win the Champions League


Sports could easily be classified as an addiction. Although there are currently no lush treatment centers that will cost an arm and leg to “cure” your addiction for sports yet, you can rest assured somebody is plotting how to create one while sitting in their basement. So, why do I say it could be classified as an addiction? Well, for starters you spend tons of money on fan apparel, you’ll call in sick to work to be sure you won’t miss a game, you have all these weird superstitions and refuse to go against them during the biggest game of the season, and if you’re honest, you’ve probably had a noise complaint or two filed during a particularly exciting game.

You also do this religiously every season and every game. What’s even better for sports fans than sitting down to watch the latest game? Watching their favorite team win, obviously! Of course, not every team will win consistently, unless you are cheering for the Bayern Munchen who seems to be on fire.

7 Reasons Behind My Predictions. Yes, I admit, that’s a bold claim but the team really is good! Here are 7 reasons why they will for sure win the Champions League this season:


1. They are the most successful club in German football history.

2. They play in Bundesliga which is the top tier of the German football league system.

3. Bayern Munchen has a record 23 National titles.

4. 16 National cups are also in their possession.

5. There are thousands upon thousands of fans who take their games seriously and will participate in rituals and superstitions to make sure that they win.

6. They are the biggest sports club in Germany in terms of revenue.

7. There are over 223,000 members in the club alone!



Paving the Way to Victory

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Sports to a Woman’s Perspective

I am not a sporty kind-of-girl but I do appreciate some of the sports played on tv. In my high school days, I was entertained in watching basketball and cheered for my favorite team; complete with praising the one that scores, cursing the player that made a foul move (and yes, I got familiar with how a foul is called), jumping and cheering (without the pom-poms) and getting high-fives from my friends who’s on the same side with my team.

I also liked some sports and let me tell you on how a girl-like-me enjoyed watching/playing these dominated-by-men thing. Well, one doesn’t have to be all sporty to watch and enjoy the games in the comfort of their homes. When there’s a major event happening and watching can’t be disturbed, we hire house cleaning services to do our chores. These are from my own point of view so just read on.




Canada’s baseball team

I learned how this game works by simply watching; with no Google back then to check out a player, his stats, RBIs, how a score is achieved and what the game is all about. Of course, I chose the team with the cutest pitcher (I’m a girl, remember?) and most popular as far as I can tell. I never got to play it in school but at least I know how it goes.



When you’re in high school, you’ll be asked two choices: basketball or volleyball. So I chose the latter. It’s more feminine and besides, I like the sport better. I’ve learned how to keep the ball in the air and not letting it fall to the ground. Otherwise, you’ll miss a point. This is also a good exercise as you’ll go jumping, stretching, kneeling and using your arms and hands a lot. It also teaches you to be considerate of your teammates and learn to be unselfish to give and take.



With this sport, it’s less complicated with the goal of getting the shuttlecock in the air using racquets. This can be played by two players (singles) or two pairs (doubles). I liked this one better as this doesn’t require you to run (just small steps) and tumble since you’re using a racquet. This is also a good stretching exercise as you need to move that muscle to avoid the shuttlecock from touching the ground.

So you see, women also do enjoy the sporting world. Sans the jersey or the pom-poms, this can be an interesting game for us in our own little way.


Modern Day Robin Hoods

It was my brother’s birthday. We all knew what he was going to get: a beautiful black bow with a full quiver of arrows. When he opened the gift, his face lit up so brightly it looked as if his head were going to explode. He made quick work of the packaging and then rushed to the kitchen to find some kind of target. After a bit of rummaging, he ran outside, with all four of us in tow.


We watched in anticipation as he set up the cardboard box he’d dug up from the recycling bin. He snapped the safety guard onto his arm, carefully knocked an arrow and then dropped his legs into the perfect stance. He looked like an expert archer. We all held our breaths as he steadied his breath and focused all his energy on the desired target. ZOOM! The arrow whizzed straight ahead. The five of us studied the cardboard box, waiting for the signature wham of the arrow smacking into its target. But it never happened. Our excited smiles turned into frowns as the arrow flew a considerable distance above the box. It didn’t take long before we all realized that we were going to spend the entire afternoon searching our half-acre yard for arrows.

Russel Crowe in the Robin Hood movie

Archery is a sport of mystery and cunning. Perhaps part of its mystery comes from the fact that not many consider it when they think of sports. However, it is known and loved by a multitude of people throughout the world. The use of the bow and arrow began in the late Stone Age as a means of hunting. However, once the traditional firearm was introduced, archery switched from being a means of survival to being a form of entertainment. It’s a wonder this ancient skill even survived to the modern age at all.


The sport involves much more than just the ability to lift the best adjustable dumbbells. You need a lot of precision and focus in order to get an arrow to hit a target. A typical outside archery tournament involves three different distances, ranging from 30 meters to 90 meters. At the shortest distance, 10 rounds of 3 arrows each are shot at the target. For the last two distances, however, 10 rounds of 6 arrows each are shot. Hitting the center gives the archer 10 points. The point value decreases with each subsequent outside ring.


You know what my favorite part about archery is, though? It’s the fact that when you split a previously shot arrow with a new one, you have achieved a Robin Hood. With that being said, go grab a bow and arrow, run outside and start shooting. Hopefully, you won’t have to spend the whole afternoon arrow-hunting.



Learning to Like Football

When I was a kid, I looked forward to every Superbowl Sunday. We’d go to the store, stock up on M&Ms, potato chips and Mountain Dew and then carefully set up our little family party in front of the large flat screen TV in our living room. The game would start and my brothers and dad would be on the edge of their seats, eyes glued to the screen. On the other hand, you’d think that my mom, sisters and I were sitting in a college class trying to get our diploma of business or something. As long as the game was playing, we were bored. However, as soon as the commercials began, we came to life. Our entire family would be laughing hysterically at some of those ads.


After a few years of this, the girls of the family started to get smart. We’d run off to the TV in the other room and watch a chick flick whenever the game was playing. Then the boys would yell for us when the commercials came on and we’d dash into the main living. The boys weren’t very happy with this system, however, so they instilled the rule that we could only eat snacks if we were in front of the large screen TV with them. It was an understandable compromise.


trying to understand what’s the fuss about all this


When I was around sixteen, I decided I’d finally change up the tradition. I decided I would actually try to understand this complex game of football and perhaps even enjoy watching it. Despite the fact that I spent the whole time asking the boys questions about what was going on, I succeeded in my quest of liking this fascinating game of hiking, tackling and kicking. I found myself on the edge of my seat, eyes focused ahead, screaming at every bad call and cheering at every touchdown.


My team lost that year. But I learned a valuable lesson: football ain’t so bad. But it is a bit complicated. You’ve got two teams and one funny-looking ball. Each team has eleven players and is aiming to get that ball into the end zone for a touchdown by either running with the ball or passing it. They take turns being the offense and the defense. The defense’s goal is to stop the offense from scoring. If they are successful, the teams switch roles. That is the basic just of the game.


I will give you a play-by-play. The game begins with a kickoff. This is where the defensive team kicks the ball as hard as they can from their side of the field to the offensive team, waiting on the other side. The offensive team will try to catch the ball and then run it as fast as they can to the other end. At the same time, you’ve got defense running at them, trying to tackle the poor ball-bearer to the ground. Wherever this tackle happens, is where the first down begins.



For each down, you’ve got the teams squatting down, facing each other. The center will pass the ball back between his legs to the quarterback. This where the excitement really begins! The quarterback has the option of either throwing the ball to a teammate or running straight for the end zone himself. Either way, the defense is doing everything they can to tackle the poor, courageous soul who has the ball.


That’s pretty much all you need to know in order to get into a football game. If you are like I was and feel that football looks like a boring game to watch, I strongly encourage you to take on the challenge of simply sitting down and trying to get into it. You’d be surprised how much fun you will have! Plus, you’ll get to eat M&M’s and potato chips without having to sneak them into the other room.


Shanxi Zhongyu – The Latest Report

From the latest worth rating I assume that Shanxi Zhongyu basketball club is valued at approximately $24.8 million. This initiated the home ground move of the Shanxi-based Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) League side to Beijing. An acquisition agreement of $24.3 million between Zhongyu and Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited was reached in April. However, there was a drawback when the Shanxi provincial sports bureau declined to sanction. They claimed lack of asset appraisal and insisted the club should remain in the northwest part of the province.

Early this year, the team was reported to expect a boost in its players with Stephon Marbury (an NBA All-Star and former Boston Celtic point guard), joining the club. He would become the highest profile American to join the China Basketball Association. I agree with Shanxi’s boss Xingjiang saying that the move to bring in Stephon was as compensation to the fans and was also to ensure the team won its games through to the end of the season.


There are other reports stating that the team considered letting Bonzi Wells go as a get back to him for not returning to the club as scheduled. He was to travel to the U.S on 22nd January and jet back on 27th January to join the team for their 1st February match against Jilin Northeast Tigers. Wells is an ex-NBA player who joined Shanxi Zhongyu in December 2008. He joined the team with a great performance as he managed 34.3 points in 14 matches and was the 2nd leading in the league. Actually, the club lost a good player but later replaced him with Tim Picket (former draft by the New Orleans Hornets).

The team’s fans

For many CBA fans, the location shift of Shanxi Zhongyu is a bittersweet fact. As the club’s fans have been very influential in the team’s matches from the loudest and passionate cheers. Many of the teams are currently struggling to attract fans and this shift is not only a loss to the team but also to Taiyuan and the province. Fans have even gone further to try and use rallies in stopping the club’s relocation. All in all, I insist that Shanxi Zhongyu should continue staying in Taiyuan as the fans are more passionate as compared to other fans. Even from the liveliness portrayed by the fans during all matches, it is quite obvious that the fans will remain disappointed and demoralized. Having a high performing team is the pride of any sports fan



Kobe Bryant Almost Went to Shanxi Zhongyu

When the NBA lockout became clear that there were not going to be any games played anytime soon, Kobe Bryant was contemplating on playing for the Shanxi Zhongyu dragons. This move would easily put the team on the top of every sports fan’s wish list of games to watch if it happened. Kobe Bryant is a very good basketball player as he won multiple championships with the Los Angeles Lakers with coach Phil Jackson and a nice supporting cast.


He would provide versatility, grit and his experience to any team he goes to. I was able to watch Kobe Bryant play live here right in front of me. He captained an all star team consisting of Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, James Harden, Tyreke Evans, Javale McGee and his teammate Derik Fisher. They came to town and played two exhibition games against the locals and they were heavily cheered for.

Even the local teams were star struck and they wanted their jerseys and shoes signed by the NBA greats. I wanted my souvenirs signed too but the security for this event was understandably strict since they have international stars in the house and they could not risk getting them hurt in any way.

The Shanxi Zhongyu dragons almost got Kobe Bryant’s services but the lockout apparently ended in the NBA. The players association and the league finally reached an agreement about the player’s contracts. I thought they should just give way to one another since the league is not all about the money but it is all about giving the fans what they want in the form of highlight dunks and dazzling plays.


The Shanxi Zhongyu dragons could wait for the next lockout if ever it does happen. However, it is not expected to happen anytime soon so the dragons should be contented with their current roster which is not so bad since it consists of players who are very motivated to reach one another in order to reach that goal.

If Kobe played for the dragons then it would be just his 2nd professional basketball team since he played all his career with the Los Angeles Lakers and he has shown no signs of wanting to play in another team since he really likes the team and management. Kobe Bryant is one player a lot of people idolizes which explains why he is getting a bunch of shoe endorsements.


Look at The Roster of Shanxi Zhongyu

The Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons have an impressive roster in the Chinese Basketball Association as they look to win the championship in the league. Their head coach Yang Xuezeng would always shout from the sidelines in hopes of catching his player’s attention. When I used to watch their games live, I would always notice Yang shout directions to the players. He plays no favorites as he would shout at the star player up to the player used to sitting at the very end of the bench.

 The most important person in the team is not the players but the coach because the coach is the one who is going to teach the players what they are supposed to do when the game gets tight. Of course, not all games are tight as some could be decided by 30 points or even more. When a team struggles with their record, it can be noticed that the head coach will be the ones who get the blame first. This is why Yang Xuezeng is always seen working hard in practice in order to fire up his players to do their very best in all of their games.

The Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons have a stacked roster starting with American players Marcus Williams and Charles Gaines. Marcus Williams plays either the shooting guard position or the small forward position while Charles Gaines plays the power forward position. Being a basketball player myself, I know that it would be hard to preach defense especially to players who are not used to defending but always scoring at will and then looking at the scoreboard.

Their Chinese born players can shoot well starting with the likes of Wei Mingliang, Chen Huashan and Pan Jiang. Their tallest player is Yan Pengfei who stands at 6 foot and 10 inches tall. Whenever I would guard a player as tall as that, I would just move out of the way and let him dunk the ball since I am just 6 feet tall. I would always watch this team live and be amazed at how awesome their teamwork is.

Everyone knows that is very important in the sport of basketball since it is a teaming game. It is impossible to just watch one person do all the work while the rest of the team would just stand around and do nothing. This team is all about helping one another in order to win the championship.


Cheer for Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons

The Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons are a basketball team in the northern division of the CBA or the Chinese Basketball Association. They were originally known as the Henan Renhe Dragons but they dropped the name due to an agreement with the Henan Jiyuan Iron & Steel company. When that happened, they moved from Zhengzhou to Jiyuan during the course of their first season. When they first entered the CBA during the 2004 season, they were not able to make the playoffs for two consecutive years but their players began to gain experience and they were able to whip up a better finish than their previous 8th place finishes.

They were greeted by the arrival of former NBA player Stephon Marbury in January of 2010 when he agreed to a contract to play with them. Marbury was previously known as Starbury during the prime of his career when he played in the number one basketball league in the world. He told reporters that the fans in China greeted him warmly when he arrived there to play. He said there were even fans everywhere who wanted their pictures taken with him when he used the train stations to go to the venue of the games.

If I were there and met him in person then I would certainly have a picture taken with him since a lot of people remember him from his game winning shot against the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs over a decade ago when he was with the Phoenix Suns. That shot is still in the mind of the fans of the Suns because it is one of the best plays of all time especially since it was thrown from beyond half court and his teammates celebrated with him wildly after that. The Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons sure were lucky to acquire his services as he is a great asset to the team.

NCAA team Georgetown Hoyas came to town during August of 2011 and played an exhibition game against Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons and the Dragons understandably lost soundly to them. Since it was an exhibition game, it was more about the fans enjoying the night. I wish I was in attendance that night as there is nothing like watching a basketball game live. The Dragons surprised everyone when they participated in the International Basketball League in 2008 as it is a league based in Portland. They fared pretty well over there.